Studio Oda Pälmke, Fotoserie Andrew Alberts für "Notes on Architecture", curated by Verena von Beckerath für die gleichnamige Ausstellung in der ARCHITEKTUR GALERIE BERLIN, 2021
Statements, Interviews, Lectures, Talks and Texts (on Architecture)
Studio Weissensee, 2022, Fotografie Andrew Alberts
Secret Main Staircase Berlin-Mitte 2023
Geheime Bibliothek, Private Library, Berlin 2019/20 - mit Gudny Gudmundsdottir
Repertoire8 book launch, ARCHITEKTUR GALERIE BERLIN, 2022, photo Andrew Alberts
Berlin - House M - 2012 - photo S.M. Rother
Repertoire 8 is available in architecture-bookstores, at amazon and directly from the publisher www.aboutbooks.ch, 2022
Schinkelklause, 2007, Foto Stephan Maria Rother
Berlin-Apartment - 2005-19 - photo M.Meisse
Projects, not realized...Foyer Brücke Museum Berlin 2022
GANZ GUT Quite Good Houses, 2011 is is out of print, available at architecture-bookstores, amazon or contact studio Oda Pälmke
FACADES, jovis, 2013 -with a foreword by Wim Wenders- is available in architecture-bookstores, amazon or contact studio Oda Pälmke
TYPEN, jovis, 2008, is out of print, available at amazon, ZVAB or contact studio Oda Pälmke
Weltausstellung/Universal Exhibition Fragmente/fragments (1.Berlin Kitchen), 2005-2022
Haus B, Berlin Mitte - PE-P* - 2012
Weltausstellung/Universal Exhibition Fragmente/fragments (2.Berlin Storage), 2005-2022
The russian edition of Repertoire 7, 2022 proceeds will be donated to doctors without borders
HAUS IDEAL - The making Of, 2014 is is available at architecture-bookstores, amazon or contact studio Oda Pälmke
ÜBUNGEN, Bauhaus Universität Weimar, 1999
Berlin Mitte 2020
Berlin 2020
Berlin- Two rooftops - 2015-19 - photo M.Meisse
Venedig - Biennale - 2016 - reverse baroque staircase as part of the Archplus competition entry, unrealized
Repertoire 7-publication is available at art-and-architecture-bookshops and via www.aboutbooks.ch , 2020
Haus 2021 photo Andrew Alberts
shrinktofit Magdeburg-Plan Allround, Oda Pälmke und Tobias Engelschall 2003
ARCHITEKTUR GALERIE BERLIN SATELLIT-Oda Pälmke Repertoire TU Kaiserslautern 2018-19
Berlin Pumpwerk Prenzlauer Berg, 2010-16
Berlin - Pumpwerk -library and apartment- 2010-16
Dachausbau Belforter Straße 2012
Situationen, DIngsymbole 2010-20
Oda Pälmke PE-P Loft 1 Berlin 2005-2020, Foto Stefan Maria Rother
Berlin - Neue Road Movies - photo M.Meisse
Berlin-Apartment - 2019 - photo M.Meisse
"Anonymous" Ausstellungsarchitektur Schirn Kunsthalle 2006 PE-P, photo Norbert Miguletz
fatuk feat. BeL - kntxtr - HB/A - tka Vortragsreihe im digitalen WIntersemester - Postergestaltung: Bruno Margreth, Zürich
Oda Pälmke und Tobias Engelschall, Galerie Gerhardsen Gerner, Berlin 2001, Foto Jens Ziehe
Galeria Plan B, Berlin, 2012, Foto S.M.Rother
Kunsthalle Based in Berlin, PE-P, 2010
Salon Slominski Berlin 2008
Berlin - Housing Beuthstrasse - 2015 - photo M.Meisse
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg photo Stefan Maria Rother
Berlin 2012, photo Bruno Margreth
Haus am Oderdeich 2016
Berlin 2006-20
Berlin - Apartment - 2018-20 - photo M.Meisse
Repertoire 1 to 6-publication is available in art-and-architecture-bookshops www.aboutbooks.ch 2019
Berlin apartment 2019 photo Maximilian Meisse
Berlin - Praxis Bundesallee - 2017 - photo M.Meisse
Cafeteria der Freien Universität Bozen 2003, artwork Heimo Zobernig, photo W.Niedermayr
Berlin - The Post Republic I - Black beauty - 2009 - photo S.M.Rother
Professur Oda Pälmke-spatial and architectural design-fatuk
Berlin-Apartments - 2017 - photo M.Meisse
Wandteppich, Galerie framework, Berlin, 2005, Foto: Paul Kramer
Berlin - e&a Rosa Luxemburg Strasse - 2007 - photo S.M. Rother