office – work in progress

Hidden architecture: Studio Eriksson, Berlin
Shape of light and shadow: Studio Eriksson, Berlin
Repertoire 7 - now available at art-and-architecture-bookshops or via www.aboutbooks.ch
coming out: december 2019, fatuk!, aboutbooks.ch
Kollwitzstrasse - the caterpillar became a beautiful walrus
Kollwitzstrasse - unknown caterpillar
Oberwallstrasse - the strictness of curves
Geisbergstrasse - of course there`s no mirror above the entrance...
Oberwallstrasse - listen, the sound of strings moving in the wind...
Model of a wooden table for the private library. the oval form with it´s two centrepoints combines magic and logic, heart and brain.
Geisbergstrasse-model of the entrance hall.
Wrangelstrasse - seagrass-elegance, photo Fatma Wegner (on demand...)
https://www.architecturefoundation.org.uk/events/alternative-histories Alternative Histories - contemporary practices were invited by M.Grootveld und J.Engels to imagine an exchange with architects from the past: We worked on Archizoom´s secret theatre /teatro segreto in ambiente domestice con gazebo metallico, after 1966:- the reflecting gazebo refers to Archizooms no-stop-city - the secret theatre is endless and everywhere.
Oda Pälmke office
work in progress