Studio Weissensee, 2022, Fotografie Andrew Alberts
Berlin - House M - 2012 - photo S.M. Rother
Office Oda Pälmke Fotoserie Andrew Alberts 2021 für "Notes on Architecture", ARCHITEKTUR GALERIE BERLIN, curated by Verena von Beckerath
Repertoire 8 is available in architecture-bookstores, at amazon and directly from the publisher www.aboutbooks.ch, 2022
Repertoire8 book launch, ARCHITEKTUR GALERIE BERLIN, 2022, photo Andrew Alberts
Secret Main Staircase Berlin-Mitte 2023
Geheime Bibliothek, Private Library, Berlin 2019/20 - mit Gudny Gudmundsdottir
Berlin-Apartment - 2005-19 - photo M.Meisse
GANZ GUT Quite Good Houses, 2011 is is out of print, available at architecture-bookstores, amazon or contact studio Oda Pälmke
FACADES, jovis, 2013 -with a foreword by Wim Wenders- is available in architecture-bookstores, amazon or contact studio Oda Pälmke
TYPEN, jovis, 2008, is out of print, available at amazon, ZVAB or contact studio Oda Pälmke
Weltausstellung/Universal Exhibition Fragmente/fragments (1.Berlin Kitchen), 2005-2022
Projects, not realized...Foyer Brücke Museum Berlin 2022
HAUS IDEAL - The making Of, 2014 is is available at architecture-bookstores, amazon or contact studio Oda Pälmke
Haus B, Berlin Mitte - PE-P* - 2012
Weltausstellung/Universal Exhibition Fragmente/fragments (2.Berlin Storage), 2005-2022
The russian edition of Repertoire 7, 2022 proceeds will be donated to doctors without borders
Berlin Mitte 2020
Berlin 2020
Berlin- Two rooftops - 2015-19 - photo M.Meisse
Venedig - Biennale - 2016 - reverse baroque staircase as part of the Archplus competition entry, unrealized
Repertoire 7-publication is available at art-and-architecture-bookshops and via www.aboutbooks.ch , 2020
Haus 2021 photo Andrew Alberts
shrinktofit Magdeburg-Plan Allround, Oda Pälmke und Tobias Engelschall 2003
ARCHITEKTUR GALERIE BERLIN SATELLIT-Oda Pälmke Repertoire TU Kaiserslautern 2018-19
Berlin Pumpwerk Prenzlauer Berg, 2010-16
Berlin - Pumpwerk -library and apartment- 2010-16
Dachausbau Belforter Straße 2012
Situationen, DIngsymbole 2010-20
Oda Pälmke PE-P Loft 1 Berlin 2005-2020, Foto Stefan Maria Rother
Berlin - Neue Road Movies - photo M.Meisse
Berlin-Apartment - 2019 - photo M.Meisse
"Anonymous" Ausstellungsarchitektur Schirn Kunsthalle 2006 PE-P, photo Norbert Miguletz
fatuk feat. BeL - kntxtr - HB/A - tka Vortragsreihe im digitalen WIntersemester - Postergestaltung: Bruno Margreth, Zürich
Oda Pälmke und Tobias Engelschall, Galerie Gerhardsen Gerner, Berlin 2001, Foto Jens Ziehe
Salon Slominski Berlin 2008
Berlin - Housing Beuthstrasse - 2015 - photo M.Meisse
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg photo Stefan Maria Rother
Berlin 2012, photo Bruno Margreth
Haus am Oderdeich 2016
Berlin 2006-20
Berlin - Apartment - 2018-20 - photo M.Meisse
Repertoire 1 to 6-publication is available in art-and-architecture-bookshops www.aboutbooks.ch 2019
Berlin apartment 2019 photo Maximilian Meisse
Berlin - Praxis Bundesallee - 2017 - photo M.Meisse
Cafeteria der Freien Universität Bozen 2003, artwork Heimo Zobernig, photo W.Niedermayr
Berlin - The Post Republic I - Black beauty - 2009 - photo S.M.Rother
Professur Oda Pälmke-spatial and architectural design-fatuk
Berlin-Apartments - 2017 - photo M.Meisse
Wandteppich, Galerie framework, Berlin, 2005, Foto: Paul Kramer
Berlin - e&a Rosa Luxemburg Strasse - 2007 - photo S.M. Rother